Jill Höyer – Advanced Needle Class: Inside Needle Knowledge, I.N.K.


Who: Located in Northern CA, Jill’s quest for knowledge and determination has led to a successful career in permanent cosmetics (since 2003); both as an artist and educator. Committed to the craft, Jill develops her own techniques and focuses on ever changing tattoo needle configurations available to our industry. She devotes a great deal of her time to researching, analyzing and studying needles which is evident in her knowledge and understanding of the variety of tattoo needles available.

She is founder of one of the first online PMU needle courses, Inside Needle Knowledge™, I.N.K. and also of Timeless Skin Spa established 1997, where she does permanent makeup and medical tattooing. Jill is proud to be a contracted areola tattoo artist for Kaiser Permanente Northern CA.

What: Inside Needle Knowledge, I.N.K. is designed to be a go-to course for every permanent makeup professional, new or seasoned, who wants to expand their needle knowledge and their artistry.  This innovative course is very educational and you will learn and understand needles inside out so that you can be confident in your needle choices.

needle opportunity! To further enhance your Queen City seminar experience, attendees receive limited time access to the exclusive online I.N.K. learning platform to review the needle course.
  • Tattoo Needle Map (a unique course outline)
  • In-depth content with pictorial images for effective needle analysis
  • Machine and manual needles included
  • 2 bonus technique videos on pointillism and magnum artistry

When: Monday October 21st, 2019 @ 9:00am – 11:00am

Where: Charlotte Convention Center

Room: Richardson Ballroom

How much: $250 (Show admission sold separately. Click here.)

What’s included: Special access to Jill’s Tattoo Needle Map, online I.N.K. course as well as a Certificate of Completion will be handed out after the seminar.

What you need: Bring your machine(s), power supplies and pen and paper.

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