Sarah Hummel – Rainbow Eyebrow Correction – Understanding How To Use Perma Blend for Corrections


Who: Sarah Hummel, CPCP owns 33 Stones Permanent Cosmetics and training center in Southern California. Starting her career as an aesthetician/cosmetologist in 2001 she quickly made her way in permanent cosmetics in 2006. Sarah tirelessly owns her craft with her advanced skills and knowledge. She is well rounded in all aspects of this industry and is now a highly respected SPCP trainer member. Her specialty is color corrections and working with scar tissue and passes on her knowledge down as a fundamental and advanced permanent cosmetic trainer. Sarah believes that optimal knowledge of the canvas and a safe work practices of is key in performing procedures.

What: Both permanent make up and body are certified, Sarah Hummel’s vast experience will increase your skill in correcting poorly performed or aged Procedures. Her technique is next level and will amplify your intuition to correct any PMU challenge. This is an eyebrow color correction workshop, helping you to understand Perma Blend for color correction. 

In this workshop we will be using Perma Blend pigments to: 

  • Reshape previous Pmu that is uneven, without removal.
  • Restore various levels of Scar tissue while implanting pigment in one session. 
  • Technique, machines, and needle choices. 
  • How to use multiple Perma Blend colors during one session. Example: modifiers, target colors,  and diluted formulations to achieve seamless results. 
  • Understanding pigments. What areas to use full strength and diluted formulations. 
  • How to maximize your healed results. 

When: Saturday October 19th, 2019 @ 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Where: Charlotte Convention Center

Room: Richardson Ballroom

How much: $325 (Show admission sold separately. Click here.)

What’s included: An exclusive goody bag and Certificate Of Completion will be handed out after the seminar as well as a laminated cheat sheet and more!

What you need: Bring your machine(s), power supplies and pen and paper.

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