Charlotte Convention Center
Charlotte, NC

Queen City Tattoo and Arts Festival has everything to fulfill all your tattoo or permanent makeup needs. Our expo features live entertainment, live music, live tattooing, live permanent makeup and much more. This years show will be conveniently located at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC. The location of this expo is perfect for a tattoo convention and easily accommodates thousands of people that will be attending. All ages are welcome (must be over 18 to get tattooed)!
Fri: 2pm - 11pm | Sat: 12pm - 11pm | Sun: 12pm - 8pm

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Oct 18th - 20th, 2019. | Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte North Carolina.



Tattoo and permanent makeup artists from all over the globe will be attending this international expo.



Looking for tattoo related merch or perhaps something a little different? We got you covered.

Attending Artists

Adam Perj
World Famous Artist
Sarah Miller
World Famous Artist
Gary Parisi
World Famous Artist
David Robinowitz
World Famous Artist
Josh Herman
World Famous Artist
Dmitry Khamarsky
World Famous Artist
Damien Wickham
World Famous Artist
Kuro Sumi Pro-Team
Kuro Sumi Pro-Team
Ryan Clark
Kuro Sumi Pro-Team
Andy Jung
Kuro Sumi Pro-Team
Jon Ronzka
Ultimate Tattoo Supply | Seventh Sin Tattoo
Chris Toler
Seventh Sin Tattoo Company
Ryan Jordan
Visually Speaking Tattoo
Scott Cole
Charlotte Tattoo Company
Kyle Dunbar
Tattoos by Kyle
Bobby Williams
Tattoo Me Charlotte
Johnny Martinez
Visually Speaking Tattoo
Mohawk Jesse
Mutiny Tattoo Studio

Permanent Makeup Artists and Vendors

Perma Blend
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Brow Daddy
Essential Aesthetics and Laser
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Attending Vendors

World Famous Tattoo Ink
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Ultimate Tattoo Supply
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Rare Boutiques
FK Irons
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InkJet Stencils
Squid Ink
Interviews Being Held At The Booth


Chastain Criswell
Bella Nova

Artist Hanger & Fusion Project

The Artist Hanger was created to give the “Starving Artist” a chance to sell their beautiful creations at a large event with a high commission to the artist. The gallery is only accepting a 20% fee for only items sold, with the commission going towards needed supplies for the gallery. Any additional proceeds will go to a specific chosen charity to support art programs.
Download Application
Melissa Wineman
Mo's Art
Yvette Cole
Cary Caldwell
Stringy Art
Band Of Stars

United Ink Awards - Seminar Schedule

Best Of Show & Grand Prix winners will receive an FK Irons Xion Machine. Tattoo Of The Day winners will receive their choice of Halo 2, Edge X or Direkt 2 machines, courtesy of FK Irons.

Times TBA
United Ink Awards
Sponsored by: FK Irons and World Famous Tattoo Ink - click to expand
Venue: Main Stage

-Original Flash
-Worst Tattoo Contest (1st place only)
-Most Unusual (1st place only)
-Arm Sleeve
-Leg Sleeve
-Hand, Neck, Face
-Tattoo of the Day (color)
-Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)

Times TBA
United Ink Awards
Sponsored by: FK Irons and World Famous Tattoo Ink - click to expand
Venue: Main Stage

-Best Color Tattoo (all sizes)
-Best Black & Grey Tattoo (all sizes)
-Small Color Portrait (4″ x 4″ or smaller)
-Large Color Portrait (larger than 4″ x 4″)
-Small Black & Grey Portrait (4″ x 4″ or smaller)
-Large Black & Grey Portrait (larger than 4″ x 4″)
-Traditional & Neo-traditional
-Horror (fresh & healed)
-Ornamental (fresh & healed)
-Animal Portrait (fresh & healed)
-American Pride
-Biomechanical (fresh & healed)
-Fresh color
-Fresh Black & Grey
-Tattoo of the Day (color)
-Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)

9:00am - 12:00pm
Kristina Melnicenco – FoxyLiner
Kristina Melnicenco - Room - TBA
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center

Widely known for her in-depth and rigorous training programs, Kristina has helped establish a new standard for instruction in permanent makeup. Kristina’s newly developed technique of “Foxyliner” will be taught with hands-on instruction.

12:15pm - 3:15pm
Daria Chuprys – Dusty Eyeliner
Daria Chuprys - Room - TBA
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center

An industry pioneer in the development and perfection of several techniques. Daria will be teaching hands-on approach to her “Dusty Eyeliner” technique.

3:30pm - 5:30pm
Sarah Hummel – Rainbow Brow Correction
Sarah Hummel - Room - TBA
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center

Both permanent make-up and body art certified, Sarah Hummel’s vast experience will help to amplify your skill and intuition in the challenging and critically important area of PMU correction. This is an eyebrow color correction workshop, helping you to understand Perma Blend for color correction.

Times TBA
United Ink Awards
Sponsored by: FK Irons and World Famous Tattoo Ink - click to expand
Venue: Main Stage

-Watercolor (fresh & healed)
-Floral (fresh & healed)
-Asian Style
-Best Video Game Tattoo
-Best Animation
-Overall Female (1st place only)
-Overall Male (1st place only)
-Tattoo of the Day (color)
-Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)
-Best Collaboration Tattoo
-Best of Show (1st place only)
-Artist Hanger & Fusion Project – Best of Show (1st place only)
-Best Collaboration Tattoo -Grand Prix Award – must have won 1st place in any category to enter.

9:00am - 11:00am
Marika Huhashvili – Contourless Lips MBS
Marika Huhashvili - Room - TBA
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center

Learn the secrets and the steps for the perfect Tinted Contourless lips shading. One tone lips that will last for 3-4 years. The right steps for perfect symmetrical sketch and how not to lose the sketch after the numbing. The proper after care that avoids big scabs,and perfect healing process that allows the client to be clean from scab in just 3 days without pain and discomfort.

11:15am - 1:15pm
Mandy Sauler – Scar Camouflage & Areola Reconstruction
Mandy Sauler - Room - TBA
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center

Mandy will be instructing on mixing her colors for scar and areola work. Students will get hands-on time with the inks as Mandy instructs on specific percentages. This class will also consist of navigating through insurance paperwork for medical tattooing.

CPCP Certification Exam
Society of Permanent Cosmetics - Room - TBA
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center

The SPCP will be offering the Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) exam at this venue. Globally recognized, the CPCP credential is a mark of distinction and is sought after by many through an equitable and objective exam consistent with sound and current testing practices. The CPCP exam has been held in Canada, Japan, England, South Africa, and South Korea, in addition to many locations across the United States. Pre-registration is required.

1:30pm - 4:30pm
Brow Daddy – Balayage Brows Masterclass
Brow Daddy - Room - TBA
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center

Renowned for his signature style ombre brows, Brow Daddy is now sharing a revolutionary way of creating realistic looking hairstrokes all done with machine work using his new technique he calls “Balayage Brows.” This class is designed in a way where the focus is on hands-on exercises working on things like pattern, motion, machine grip and depth.

9:00am - 11:00am
Jill Höyer – Advanced Needle Class: Inside Needle Knowledge, I.N.K.
Jill Höyer - Room - TBA
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center

Inside Needle Knowledge, I.N.K. is designed to be a go-to course for every professional permanent makeup professional, new or seasoned, who wants to expand their needle knowledge and their artistry. This innovative course is very educational and you will learn and understand needles inside out so that you can be confident in your needle choices.

3:45pm - 5:45pm
Zhang Po – Advanced Technique taught by a Traditional Master
Zhang Po - Room - TBA
Venue: Charlotte Convention Center

Zhang Po’s gift in tattoo realism is a rare one . Zhang will bring artists a unique look at our canvas, by teaching how to analyze the skin, plan out procedures, and carry out treatments by getting everything right the first time, every time. Po will be working the entire weekend on one piece consisting of different techniques significant to the PMU artist. You will be able to watch Po at work creating this original and unique piece.

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