Charlotte Convention Center
Charlotte, NC

Queen City Tattoo and Arts Festival has everything to fulfill all your tattoo or permanent makeup needs. Our expo features live entertainment, live music, live tattooing, live permanent makeup and much more. This years show will be conveniently located at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC. The location of this expo is perfect for a tattoo convention and easily accommodates thousands of people that will be attending.

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Oct 26th - 28nd, 2018. | Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte North Carolina.



Tattoo and permanent makeup artists from all over the globe will be attending this international expo.



Looking for tattoo related merch or perhaps something a little different? We got you covered.

Attending Artists

Sarah Miller
World Famous Artist
Pony Lawson
World Famous Artist
Uber Derek
World Famous Artist
Luiz Lopes
World Famous Artist
World Famous Artist
Rich Zayas
World Famous Artist
World Famous Artist
Jimmy Litwalk
World Famous Artist
Kelsea McCree
Family Tradition Tattoo
Jon Ronzka
Sink or Swim
Chad Moore
Tattoo Me Charlotte
Carlos Torre
Dark Water Studio
Josh Payne
Ultimate Tattoo Supply Pro Team
Myke Chambers
Seven Swords Tattoo Company
Jordi Pla
Chico's Marked 4 Life
Shaine Smith
Best Ink Fayetteville
Jace Laface
Charlotte Tattoo Company
Robbie Ripoll
Truly Rad Movement
Matt Skinny Bagwell
Made to Last
Big Stomper
Brown Soul Tattoos

Permanent Makeup Artists and Vendors

Tina Davies
Permablend Pigments
Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals
American Academy of Micropigmentation
Angela Gates
Perma Blend Pigments
Lulu Siciliano
Brow Daddy
Will Anthony
Mandy Sauler
Perma Blend Pigments

Attending Vendors

World Famous Tattoo Ink
Ultimate Tattoo Supply
Perma Blend
Blacksmith Body Jewelry
Rare Boutiques
FK Irons
Altered Ego Clothing
Indian Motorcycle


Villafane Studios
Magical Creations
Heather Moss
Owner - Timeless Art Tattoo | Model
Jules The Wulf
Artist | Producer | Guitarist
Dan Nelson
Singer | Songwriter | Producer
Jesse Hernandez
Live Munny painting
Chris Carleson
3D Chalk Artist
The Human Tree: Jeral Tidwell
Live Munny painting
Christian Waggoner
Live Boba Fett oil painting
Violinist | DJ
Biz Markie
Hip-hop Legend
Joey Tattoo
Event MC
Hayden Childress

Artist Hanger & Fusion Project

The Artist Hanger & Fusion Project is interested in bakeries, artisan shops, production companies, artists or anyone who can contribute tea party edibles, cosplayers and decorative contributions to our gallery area, to aid us in our magical endeavor to create a Mad Tea Party experience!
More Info
Elisa Sciorilli
Art by E.
Rhythm Harris
A Natural Force
Gritty Gal
Gritty Artistry
Ashleigh Kemp
Stringy Art
Melissa Wineman
Mo's Art
Michelle Trogdon
M Designs
Donna Sappington
Tangled Line Designs

Contests - Seminar Schedule

Event Hours // FRIDAY: 2pm-11pm | SATURDAY: 12pm-11pm | SUNDAY: 12pm-8pm

Contest times TBA
Tattoo Contests
Sponsored by: FK Irons and World Famous Tattoo Ink - click to expand
Venue: Main Stage
Judges: Yalzee, Sarah Miller & Stacy Smith

-Original Flash
-Worst Tattoo Contest (1st place only)
-Most Unusual (1st place only)
-Arm Sleeve
-Leg Sleeve
-Hand, Neck, Face
-Tattoo of the Day (color)
-Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)

Truly RAD Movement
Jayvo Scott | Robbie Ripoll
Venue: Seminar Room

Healing relationships and improving self love through entertainment that motivates, as well as inspires others. Robbie and Jayvo have teamed up together to help people love themselves enough to care about themselves. Offering almost 1/2 hour rallies! Ck them out on the main stage to get you ready and pumped up for a great day and awesome convention.

3:00pm - 6:00pm
Perma Blend Pro-Color Management Class
Venue: Seminar Room

During this 3 hour class you will meet leaders in the industry with 25 plus years experience. Hear about the history of tattooing and how ink has been the forbidden fruit for so many years. See real results from seasoned artists and begin to understand the difference that Perma Blend offers at this time in our industry.

We will break down the colors and will show you pure pigments vs the colors in your bottle and why you would choose one over the other after seeing the pigment. Learn the process of how the ink is made and why this makes a difference to you the artist.

You will hear from seasoned professionals how geography, synthetics, organics, inorganics, corrections and the science all come into play. Learn about the milling of the ink and why PH makes a difference. You will never look at a bottle of ink the same again after taking this class. Become the expert you need to be to make decisions based on knowledge.

Perma Blend is very excited to present this class and give you our new brow kit and usage guide when you have completed this live class.

This is a color management class created just around Perma Blend. The class was created to de-mystify what makes Perma Blend so different and take the age old stigma away from inks. In this class you will learn and see how to decode the labels. Understanding what is in the colors to better be able to apply to clients. Looking at specific colors matching the CI numbers, what does that even mean!!

Let’s get down to molecular structure and how that affects the production of Perma Blend as well as Iron Oxide or no Iron Oxide . Plus a lot more info around Perma Blend so you can know this line, think on your own and finally not need to rely on any one telling you what color is best, because you will have the information to decide for yourself.

Can’t wait to see you there!!!

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7:00pm - 10:00pm
Brow Daddy | Bombré Brows Class
Ruben Kasper
Venue: Seminar Room

Ruben Kasper, better known as Brow Daddy, is a certified, licensed Permanent Makeup artist in Las Vegas, Nevada. Holding a diploma as an Aesthetician and Makeup Artist for over ten years and an owner of a salon in Germany before opening his business in the United States just eight months ago. He started this business from scratch, while still learning to speak the English language and with very little money. Through very hard work and dedication, he grew his business from zero clients to now having generated a million dollars in revenue within this eight months’ time. His success came from all the techniques that he has learned and developed along the way, which he now teaches to all of his students. He is currently touring worldwide for his sold-out Ombre Powder Brow master classes.

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Contest times TBA
Tattoo Contests
Sponsored by: FK Irons and World Famous Tattoo Ink - click to expand
Venue: Main Stage
Judges: Yalzee, Sarah Miller & Stacy Smith

-Best Color Tattoo (all sizes)
-Best Black & Grey Tattoo (all sizes)
-Small Color Portrait (4″ x 4″ or smaller)
-Large Color Portrait (larger than 4″ x 4″)
-Small Black & Grey Portrait (4″ x 4″ or smaller)
-Large Black & Grey Portrait (larger than 4″ x 4″)
-Traditional & Neo-traditional
-Horror (fresh & healed)
-Ornamental (fresh & healed)
-Animal Portrait (fresh & healed)
-New York/ American Pride
-Biomechanical (fresh & healed)
-Fresh traditonal & neo-traditional
-Fresh color & new school
-Fresh Black & Grey
-Fresh Portrait
-Tattoo of the Day (color)
-Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)

9:00am - 12:00pm
Tina Davies | Blade & Shade
Tina Davies
Venue: Seminar Room

In this exclusive class, Tina Davies shows you how to create the latest combo brows in one session for the perfect amount of definition that all your clients are looking for. Highlights:

  • How to get perfect healed results in one session
  • How to layer microblading with shading
  • Color selection
  • Top 5 time saving tips and tricks

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1:30pm - 2:30pm
Tina Davies | I ❤ Ink Eyebrow Collection Color Class
Tina Davies
Venue: Seminar Room

In this interactive class, Tina Davies will show how find the perfect eyebrow color for each one of your clients within the I LOVE INK line quickly and easily with no guesswork, mixing or modifying. You’ll finally be able to work with upmost confidence and cut your working time down by half. Highlights:

  • How to cover up old, faded red, green, or orange eyebrows
  • How to choose colors for redheads
  • Case studies
  • Q + A

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3:00pm - 6:00pm
Will Anthony | Stretch-niques® – Master the Perfect Stretch for Eyeliner w/live demo
Will Anthony
Venue: Seminar Room

Master the Perfect Stretch for Eyeliner w/live demo.
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7:00pm - 9:00pm
Gaston and Lulu Siciliano | Machine Advanced Techniques and Demo
Gaston and Lulu Siciliano
Venue: Seminar Room

Machine Advanced Techniques and Demo
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7:00pm - 9:00pm
Mandy Sauler | Scar Camouflage
Mandy Sauler
Venue: Seminar Room

Scar Camouflage
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An Evening of Blues with Dan Nelson
Dan Nelson
Venue: Main Stage

Dan Nelson is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and producer from New York. He has played with and toured with many different bands and genres over his career. Including the bands Wolfpack Black, BlackGates, and name a few. Now, along with his rhythm section, consisting of drummer Phil Deluxe and Bassist Pat Foote, he has begun work on his first full length solo release.
A late 2018 to early 2019 release is planned...With shows and tours to follow soon after. So you will definitely want to keep an ear out for whats to come.

Sign up: 1pm - Contests start: 4pm
Tattoo Contests
Sponsored by: FK Irons and World Famous Tattoo Ink - click to expand
Venue: Main Stage

-Avant-Garde (1st place only)
-Watercolor (fresh & healed)
-Floral (fresh & healed)
-Asian Style
-Overall Female (1st place only)
-Overall Male (1st place only)
-Tattoo of the Day (color)
-Tattoo of the Day (black & grey)
-Best Collaboration Tattoo
-Best of Show (1st place only)
-Artist Hanger & Fusion Project – Best of Show
-Grand Prix Award – must have won 1st place in any category to enter.

9:00am - 11:00am
Angela Gates | Best Practice of Soft Natural Lips
Angela Gates
Venue: Seminar Room

Lips are unique from any other area of the body. Unlike tattooing the skin on the rest of the body where what you see is basically what you get, lips can be tricky and fickle. Special considerations need to be made for the color, tone, temperature, and skin type. In this seminar we will cover best practices for tattooing lips to achieve the most natural results. We will cover basic and advanced techniques. Topics include:

  • Lip Anatomy
  • Lip Temperature
  • Choosing the proper color
  • Beyond Borders: Safely working past the vermillion border
  • Correcting Asymmetry
  • Creating soft natural colors
  • Working with Dark Lips
  • Soft edges
  • Creating depth
  • Numbing
  • Stretching
  • Aftercare
  • Live lip demo

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11:00am - 1:00pm
Shauna Magrath | Scalp Pigmentation
Shauna Magrath
Venue: Seminar Room

In this SMP class, you will learn all of Shauna‘s comprehensive steps, plus all of the “don’ts” that so many people make due to lack of proper training. Shauna looks forward to sharing this exciting technique with you and bringing more to your service menu that can help so many.
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1:00pm - 3:00pm
Stacie Rae Weir | Areola Repigmentation
Stacie Rae Weir
Venue: Seminar Room

Areola Repigmentation
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1:00pm - 3:00pm
CPCP Certification Exam
Society of Permanent Cosmetics
Venue: Seminar Room

The SPCP will be offering the Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) exam at this venue. Globally recognized, the CPCP credential is a mark of distinction and is sought after by many through an equitable and objective exam consistent with sound and current testing practices.The CPCP exam has been held in Canada, Japan, England, South Africa, and South Korea, in addition to many locations across the United States. Pre-registration is required. Further information and an application can be obtained at
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4:00pm - 6:00pm
Jose Perez Jr. | Advanced Black & Grey Tattooing
Jose Perez Jr.
Venue: Seminar Room

This seminar will touch on topics such as:

  • Reference Images & Stencil Tips
  • Composition & Freehand
  • Contrast
  • Background
  • Texture & Detail
  • White Highlights
  • Q&A with JPJ
  • Personal portfolio review with JPJ
Also included:
  • Includes JPJ Dark Water Ink Set by World Famous Ink ($125 Value) and 20 page JPJ Seminar booklet
  • Please bring your preferred brand of markers for freehand tutorial, along with a pen for note taking.

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3:00pm - 5:00pm
Shiella Bella | Social Media Marketing for Tattoo & PMU Artists
Shiella Bella
Venue: Seminar Room

Learn the most effective ways to use the power of social media to build awareness to your brand! Let me guide you through the complex world of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I know it can be confusing! In this class I will share PROVEN strategies to up your bookings, find your ideal clients and make you stand out from the rest. What will be covered:

  • What to post.
  • When to post.
  • How to get more followers organically without paying for a single ad.
  • How to get the biggest influencers and celebrities to promote your studio for free.
  • How to take great photos and videos without expensive equipment.
  • How to beat the new 2018 Instagram Algorithm
  • … all this plus my MILLION DOLLAR SOCIAL MEDIA TIP!
My class will change the way you do business online. You’ll learn to work smarter NOT harder and make baaank! I keep things simple, honest and 100% FUN! See you there!
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Biz Markie - Performance
Biz Markie
Venue: Main Stage

The legendary Biz Markie brings more than 30 years of solid hip-hop acumen and an overwhelming fan-base that stretches from New York City to Japan to Europe. At the age of 14, Marcel Hall dazzled his neighborhood under the alias of Biz Markie. His music scene debut began in 1985 as a beat box for Roxanne Shante of the Juice Crew. From then Biz began constructing his own destiny in the mystifying world of rap and hip-hop. Now 30 years older and immensely wiser, Biz continues to be universally praised by the ever-fickle and unforgiving hip-hop industry. No easy feat to accomplish, Biz is the definition of longevity and has managed to remain one of the most notable artists and DJs in the industry.

Queen City Ticket Options

This is an all-ages show. Service animals are permitted with proper documentation.

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Hotel Accommodations

Hilton Charlotte Center City

A block of rooms has been reserved for October 26, 2018 – October 28, 2018. The special room rate will be available until October 4th or until the group block is sold-out, whichever comes first.
Rates for a single King bed or 2 Double beds start at: $139/night.
Booking a reservation is simple. To begin the process, please contact the hotel with the information provided below to receive the preferred rate.
Hilton Charlotte Center City
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Tel: 704-377-1500
Fax: 704-377-4143
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