Brow Daddy | Bombré Brows Class


What: Ombre Powder Brow master class.

Who: Ruben Kasper, better known as Brow Daddy, is a certified, licensed Permanent Makeup artist in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Holding a diploma as an Aesthetician and Makeup Artist for over ten years and an owner of a salon in Germany before opening his business in the United States just eight months ago.  He started this business from scratch, while still learning to speak the English language and with very little money.  Through very hard work and dedication, he grew his business from zero clients to now having generated a million dollars in revenue within this eight months’ time.  His success came from all the techniques that he has learned and developed along the way, which he now teaches to all of his students.  He is currently touring worldwide for his sold-out Ombre Powder Brow master classes.

When: Friday, October 26th from 7:00pm- 10:00pm.

How much:  $299.00 (admission to expo purchased separately)

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