Perma Blend presents: Science Behind the Ink Color Theory & Management Seminar Series Watch Your Tone


What: During this 3 hour class you will meet leaders in the industry with 25 plus years experience. Hear about the history of tattooing and how ink has been the forbidden fruit for so many years. See real results from seasoned artists and begin to understand the difference that Perma Blend offers at this time in our industry.

We will break down the colors and will show you pure pigments vs the colors in your bottle and why you would choose one over the other after seeing the pigment. Learn the process of how the ink is made and why this makes a difference to you the artist.

You will hear from seasoned professionals how geography, synthetics, organics, inorganics, corrections and the science all come into play. Learn about the milling of the ink and why PH makes a difference. You will never look at a bottle of ink the same again after taking this class. Become the expert you need to be to make decisions based on knowledge.

Perma Blend is very excited to present this class and give you our new brow kit and usage guide when you have completed this live class.

Perma Blend invites you to attend our unique Color Management Class. Permanent Cosmetic Color Theory has been well documented and is recognized as the foundation for successful color selections for our services. This is not specifically a color theory class, it’s a Perma Blend color management class developed around the accepted permanent cosmetic color theory basics.

What our Color Management Class offers is an in-depth look into the Perma Blend formulations, how the information on each label guides you to color conclusions and ultimately, appropriate use, how it performs in the skin, recommendations for monitoring your client’s procedure status and much more.

Managing color in the skin, a canvas that changes over time, is an art. We’ve gathered permanent cosmetic experts to provide facts to the attendees that result in independence and confidence using our line of inks.

Can’t wait to see you there!!!

Who:  Global PMU Pro Contribution Team Announced Soon!

When: Friday, October 26th from 3:00pm- 6:00pm.

How much:  $99.00 (admission to expo purchased separately)

What’s included: 4 pc brow kit

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