Sheila Bella | Social Media Marketing for Tattoo & PMU Artists


What: Learn the most effective ways to use the power of social media to build awareness to your brand! Let me guide you through the complex world of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I know it can be confusing! In this class I will share PROVEN strategies to up your bookings, find your ideal clients and make you stand out from the rest.

What will be covered:

  • What to post.
  • When to post.
  • How to get more followers organically without paying for a single ad.
  • How to get the biggest influencers and celebrities to promote your studio for free.
  • How to take great photos and videos without expensive equipment.
  • How to beat the new 2018 Instagram Algorithm


My class will change the way you do business online. You’ll learn to work smarter NOT harder and make baaank!

I keep things simple, honest and 100% FUN!

See you there!

Who: My name is Sheila Bella and I built a million dollar beauty business from nothing. I don’t come from money, I’m not married to money so how was I able to do it? Most of it is through the power of social media strategies and I’m excited to equip you with the tools so you can do the same and beyond! I’ve been a permanent makeup artist for eight years. My studio in Beverly Hills has done over 11,000 clients and I feel so blessed and honored to have a portfolio that includes so many beautiful influencers, beauty queens and celebrities. I am also the creator of Pretty Rich, beauty business school and the host of the Pretty Rich podcast. It is my passion to inspire, empower and lead others to as high as they wanna go!

When: Sunday, October 28th from 3:00pm- 5:00pm.

How much:  $99.00 (admission to expo purchased separately)

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