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What: Areola Repigmentation

Who: StacieRae has had a preventative mastectomy and has always specialized in tattooing scar tissue, giving her a unique perspective on the world of breast cancer tattooing.  After her own mastectomy she realized what was missing from the world of medical tattooing and dedicated her career to help other tattooists achieve greatness in their work with Breast Cancer Survivors.  She coaches tattooers all over the world and has been featured in the news, radio and magazines too many times to count.

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She worked with her protege, Samantha Rae, to design the worlds first permanent areola pigment set and literally wrote the book that inspired the entire industry to raise their standards of nipple tattooing to aim for realistic results rather than perform a basic clinical procedure.  More progressive training tools are in the works for A.R.T. as we work together to set a new standard in medical tattooing.

When: Sunday, October 28th from 1:00pm- 3:00pm.

How much:  $249.00 – without Pink Ribbon ink set/$349.00 – with Pink Ribbon ink set (admission to expo purchased separately)

What’s included: Certificate of completion and A.R.T. Book

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