Tina Davies | I ❤ Ink Eyebrow Collection Color Class


What: In this interactive class, Tina Davies will show how find the perfect eyebrow color for each one of your clients within the I LOVE INK line quickly and easily with no guesswork, mixing or modifying. You’ll finally be able to work with upmost confidence and cut your working time down by half.

  • How to cover up old, faded red, green, or orange eyebrows
  • How to choose colors for redheads
  • Case studies
  • Q + A

Who: Tina Davies is a permanent make-up artist, inventor, international speaker, wife, and mom from Toronto, Canada. She is the creator of the popular disposable Microblades and Permablend x Tina Davies Pigment line.

During her career, she has completed over 15,000 permanent make-up procedures and was one of the first artists in North America to start microblading. Her passions include product design and sharing her techniques and insights to help artists elevate their skill.

At this year’s Queen City Tattoo Show, Tina will be holding two classes:

  • Combo brows with Blade and Shade
  • Simple brow color selection with the I LOVE INK Eyebrow Collection

Follow Tina as she brings her next innovations to the permanent makeup world!

When: Saturday, October 27th from 1:30pm- 2:30pm.

How much:  $99.00 (admission to expo purchased separately)

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